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Thinking of you  / Maria Foley (Sister)
Hey Bro, Been thinking of you a lot these past few days. Things are going so well for Adnan, AJ and I and can't help but wish you were here with us to share in our happiness and excitement. My lil man would love hearing you laugh and enjoy your infectious smile. We have a new addition joining the family the next two months. I work at Kaiser now and have big project in the ER...kind of got emotional this past week remembering my last sight of you. Just know I love and miss you dearly. You lil sis, M
Happy 43rd B-day!!!  / Dad Foley (Father)
Son, While it's been 11 years since you left us, we want you to know that we miss you very much and look forward to the day we can rejoin you! Be sure to save us a place at your table, and make sure you invite Uncle Bennie, Jessie Fernandez, John Morla, and the rest of the family that have preceded us! I know we will have a good time and lots of laughs and jokes like we always did!!! Your son has grown into a fine young man and attends community college like you always wanted. You would be very proud of him as he is holding down a job and doing well in his classes. He is determined to complete his college and pursue a professional career in the medical field. We periodically talk to him and see how he's doing in school and life. Your mom and I are very proud of how conscientious and determined he is to carve out a good life for himself, and eventually, a family we would assume. I will go for now, but be sure to enjoy your special day with the friends and family members that you were close to and loved very much! Mom and I will be saying a prayer for you and all those that have gone before us as we love you guys so much and will never forget you folks as long as we live!!! Love Always
11th B-DAY  / Mom Foley (Mother)
Son it's been 11 year, we didn't make to your site on the 13th but we did make it to your mass services. Dad and I are getting older and everyone around us are also getting older. My health is not getting any better, I leave it at the Lord's hand he gives and he takes. I don't do too much cooking, my health does not allow me the energy anymore. Dad is turning 70 this year, Donny, Maria and their family are all coming to Arizona for his day. Ryan can't make it, he is a busy young man, and doing very good for himself . I know you'll be there "Your " Sunshine" will always be with us. Uncle Ben ashes was spread on Guam last month. Theresa and Mark went for a visit and took his ashes back home. I know you are at peace, always watch all of us here on earth and guide us on our path on this journey. Pray for all of us here, for our health and safety. Love you son and still miss you dearly. Love and Peace Mom.
Always In Our Hearts!!!  / Dad Foley (Father)
Our Beloved Son, While you have been in heaven these last 10 yrs we have never forgotten what you mean to this family! Mom and I feel your presence and guidance in our daily lives and feel good you are watching over us. We wish you were here to see your son Ryan graduate from high school and start his college as we know this is what you wanted. Hope you will continue to watch over and guide him during his life's journey -- no doubt he will need your help and spiritual guidance as he grows and matures! We will be celebrating Ryan's graduation and Maria's son, AJ's 1st B-Day in late May -- quite a difference in age to say the least. Naomi is suppose to join us for these events and it will be wonderful seeing her again. Mom and I are enjoying our retirement in Arizona, but wish you were here to come visit so we could BBQ, enjoy some stories and laughs, watch some sports together, and just share some great times as a family as we always did before God called you home! You will always be remembered and will always be in our hearts! May God bless you always and may he save a place for us next to you so we can share some more great times together! We love you and miss you very much, especially during these special times!!!
Happy 10th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)
Son good memories provide solace to our family on your 10th anniversary. In the 10 years, Ryan is preparing for his high school graduation, working and finding out what life is all about. He has grown to be a very intelligent young man and has a plan for his future. Buffy have done a very good job with him, I know you will be very proud. Dad and I have settle into our retirement home here in Arizona. Maria have started her family and doing good on her career. Donny and Naomi are well on their way, Naomi is so grown and turning to be a beautiful young lady, and doing very well in school. Uncle Ben has been gone for almost 2 years, we do miss him and his beautiful smile. We don't quite get over the emptiness you left, we just slowly learn how to go on without you. We will cross path again, we just now have accepted that went tomorrow comes it will be without you and you will be right there in our hearts. Your “Sunshine” will always be with us. Rest in PEASE my son. Love Mom.
Blessings... / Donny Foley (Brother)  Read >>
Blessings... / Donny Foley (Brother)
Rich, Each day I wake up I thank god that I have so many blessings in my life. I am still the same where I am constantly trying to stay motivated to improve my career. The good news is as I have gotten older I make time to smell the roses and enjoy life. I met this terrific lady named Yolanda who loves me for me... Yes, the good, bad, and the ugly... LOL... and she ain’t no gold digga! She makes her own money and is a great Mom to her kids... Mom and Dad are back in EG living out their life. I am praying this Real Estate market softens so I can buy a home that will furnish all of us comfortably... separate quarters of course because you know us Foley’s need our space and privacy... LOL... Maria is doing well in her career and has two terrific boys that are growing up so fast. Ryan is trying to make it through life and Naomi just graduated from High School and soon will be doing the same. All of us are living on and trying to make the best of our life. The reality is that we miss you... it’s kind of like living my life knowing something is missing and just not right... I do what I can to live on but it feels like the hole you left in our hearts will remain empty until we see you... The blessings we have is that we are all here still living and enjoying one another. No it’s not perfect but as long as we are breathing we have a shot at making it better. I miss you brother! Please help me to continue to grow as a kind hearted, loving, and thoughtful human being... In the end, it is the only thing we leave behind that truly matters to our loved ones that live on. It is the reason why we cannot fill the hole in our hearts from your loss... You made such a positive impact on all of us that knew and loved you. Time does not completely heal all wounds... the only thing time has allowed is for us to find ways to make peace within our hearts that you are in heaven... the selfish parts of me still wants you here... I miss talking to you... You were a great listener... God Bless and Enjoy Heaven Brother. See you soon and I love you, Donny Close
Miss you  / T. Cahapman (Cousin)  Read >>
Miss you  / T. Cahapman (Cousin)
Hi Rich, was talking and thinking about you. Love and miss you ♥️ Close
Thinking of you  / Therese Chapman (Cousin)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Therese Chapman (Cousin)
Hi Rich, was thinking of you. Miss you every day. Close
Happy 44th B-Day!!!  / Dad Foley (Father)  Read >>
Happy 44th B-Day!!!  / Dad Foley (Father)
Son, I can't believe you would be 44 yrs old today! Also, I can't believe you have been gone for 12 years. While mom & I have finally come to grips with your passing, we still love and miss you so very much! As mom likes to say, you were always "our sunshine" and the one in the family that made sure we got together and maintained our closeness as a family!!! We will never forget you as long as we live & what you meant to us and the family overall. You were a very special person with a big heart and were always had a very positive outlook toward people and life in general. Your son Ryan is going to a medical training program so he can have a profession in the health industry and work at a hospital, preferably Kaiser. He is very busy working and going to school and that's a lot for anyone, but he's young and determined and this experience will serve him well the rest of his life. I'm sure you are as proud of him as we are and I'm sure you are watching over him and guiding him in the right direction. Will go for now, but always know you are in our hearts and we look forward to joining you when the good Lord says it's our time to do so. Love Forever, Dad, Mom & 3 Little Guys Close
Wishing You & Rest of Family The Best!!!  / Donald Foley (Father)  Read >>
Wishing You & Rest of Family The Best!!!  / Donald Foley (Father)
Son, I know it's been 12 years since you passed and went to join our maker, but mom & I still miss your presence and your loving ways as our son! You now have Uncle Benny, Uncle Joe, Jesse Fernandez, Uncle Rudy Fernandez, John Morla, your grand parents from both sides and other family members, so I know all of you are probably enjoying good times together like we did when all of you were with us. Your son, Ryan, is doing well! He has some challenges trying to balance work and college, but it seems like he has a handle on it! Your mom & I look forward to seeing him graduate from college & start his career! I know he will do well, be happy and successful! We have new additions to the family now that Maria and Adnan have two sons, AJ & Amil, who are very adorable and loving. Both of them have your great smile and warm personality! Wish you were here to enjoy the boys and spend time with them. I know that you would thoroughly enjoy that as you always did! Donald & Maria are doing really well with their careers and taking good care of their families. Mom & I are very proud of their accomplishments and families! Mom & I are doing well given that we are definitely into our senior years now and have more aches and pains than we would like. But God has blessed us with a good life, great kids, wonderful grandkids, and three loving little doggies! Life is still very good to us! But when our day comes, mom & I will be ready to join you and the rest of the family at God's table! Take care & God Bless!!! Close
Remembering Your 9th B-Day!!!  / DAD Foley (Father)  Read >>
Remembering Your 9th B-Day!!!  / DAD Foley (Father)
My Dear Son, I can't tell you in words how much we miss you and wish you were here to share many of your good stories, jokes and warm hugs of love that father and son share! As mom always likes to say, you were without a doubt our breath of sunshine and joy for our family! You will never be forgotten as long as we live as you made us so very proud to have you as our son! Please keep watch over your son, wife and all of us as we need your guiding hand and love in our daily lives. You will always mean so much to us, bring a warm and heartfelt smile to our face, and wonderful cheer to our hearts when we think of you!!! May God always bless you and show his infinite love toward you as you are such a well deserving and truly wonderful person! Remember, we will always save a special place in our hearts for you, and we only ask that you save a special place next to you and Uncle Ben when God calls us to join the two of you and the rest of the family!!! Close
Happy Eternal Day - 9th year  / Mom Foley (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Eternal Day - 9th year  / Mom Foley (Mother)
Son, you have been gone 9 years, it seen just yesterday we were having our laughter and all the joys, as well as stumble life deal for us all. I have been going to a healer for my health since I can’t get a diagnosis concerning my condition. Through my healing sessions I have finally comes to term that you were never to be with us here. You have gone before us, however our love that embrace us lives on, be it here or eternal life. Our life has changed not taken, and you are “Resting in Peace” and through my faith I believe that we will be meeting again. We are still in our journey and always pray that the Lord will direct our path and with you right there with him we will be together at the end. God Bless my son, your soul is at Peace. We miss you so much. Love Mom Close
Happy 40th Birthday -- We Miss You!!!  / DAD (Father)  Read >>
Happy 40th Birthday -- We Miss You!!!  / DAD (Father)

Son,   I certainly wish you were still with us so we could have some of our memorable barbeques, good stories, great laughs and just enjoy spending wonderful times together!

Needless to say, life hasn't been the same for all of us that were left behind!   Things just aren't as good and enjoyable as they used to be when you were here to lift our spirits and make our lives more meaningful and fulfilled!   Without a doubt, you were our soul and inspiration, and with you gone from this world, all of us seem to be adrift and rudderless!!!

Hopefully, one day we will be able to join you and we can have some more great times together!!!   Be sure to save us a place at your barbeque table and a cold beer, so we can raise our bottles and make a toast to all of us being together and sharing blessed times once again!!!   Also, save a big hug for your mom and me, we truly miss those memorable moments with you!!!    Love Always, Dad


40th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)  Read >>
40th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)

Rich, another birthday here without you son, it does not get any easier. As parents this is not what we envision on our retirement years. We did move back to Elk Grove this last fall. Ryan have accomplished one of his milestone, he is now a driver. Dad has him driving his pick-up truck; I must say he does pretty well. He now does errands for us, which is helpful for us since I no longer drive. Ryan is very driven to do well in his school works, as well as all the things he sets out to do, he is a very good Grandson. Every now and then I tell him to easy-up, he puts so pressure on himself at times.    
As for Dad and I we are getting older, our retirement plan change tremendously due my heath. We made the move to Elk Grove, however the winters are very hard for my health and we both feel Arizona’s weather is best. We plan to move back this fall. If Guam wasn’t so far away that will be my first choice. I do miss my island and the peaceful life style it offers. It is not an option since it’s so far away for the rest of the family to come and visit, and it is very costly to travel. We still have our three little babies, Kandy, Kain, and Honey Girl; our Kandy girl lost one of her eyes. All three of them are very much part of Dads and I world now. 

It would have been your 40th birthday today. I have to accept you leaving us and I know you are at peace. Just remember where ever you are, you are still my son and my heart always wishes you are here. “Happy Birthday my son”, my through and prayers are always with you, always follow the light and be at PEACE.
Love, MOM

39th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)  Read >>
39th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)

Rich it will have been your 39th Birthday, life for your Dad and I are never the same since you left. Losing a child is not easy for a parent. Life does go on, and being the person that you are, you will want us to move on. However that saying is easier said than done. We miss you every day since you left son, I know at the end of our journey we will all be together again. Your “Sunshine” will always be with us.  Dad and I will be returning to Elk Grove this fall.  It was our plan to go back 5 years after we move in 2007.  We are both looking forward on spending time with both Ryan and Naomi; they are both so grown up and have their unique personality.  I love you son, follow the light and you will find your eternal resting place.

Always be at “PEACE”. God Bless Mom

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again. May God hold you in the hollow of His Hand.

38th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)  Read >>
38th Birthday  / Mom Foley (Mother)
Happy Birthday Rich it would have been your 38th year here. I truly treasure those birthday moments here went you were with us. When our journal here is completed we will all once again be together and cherish each other. You’re Memories and sunshine always brings joy to me. Happy Birthday my son. Love MOM Close
Wishing You Were Here!!!  / DAD Foley (Father)  Read >>
Wishing You Were Here!!!  / DAD Foley (Father)
Son it's been 6 years since you left!  It seems like only yesterday!  Hope you still have your wonderful smile and great sense of humor as we miss it so very much along with your BIG BEAR HUGS! Close
I miss you brother!  / Maria Foley (Sister)  Read >>
I miss you brother!  / Maria Foley (Sister)

Hey Richie

Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you.  A lot is going on over here and we all wish you were here with us.  Life is just not the same without you.  I love you and think of you often.  I know you are with us but sometimes it would be nice to feel you hug and hear your laugh.  I love you and hope to see you in my dreams.

Love you lots


5th Brithday  / Dad Foley (Dad)  Read >>
5th Brithday  / Dad Foley (Dad)
To My Beloved Son Richard Keith:

It is now five years since you left us and my heart still yearns for your BIG smile warm hugs and outgoing and upbeat personality! At holidays and family gatherings we especially miss your lively enlightening conversations and your warm and spontaneous laughter after telling one of your enjoyable jokes or stories. You always made us feel so good to be around you!

I know you are in a better place than we are but we still miss being with you and sharing those memorable moments that our family always thoroughly enjoyed and cherish to this day. You were the life and inspiration for our get-togethers and we will always remember the goodness and warmth that you always tended to the rest of us. Your presence always made us feel good about ourselves and our lives because you just had that way about yourself! You were a very special person to us and we will always remember what you meant to us while you blessed us with your presence here on earth!

Words are not sufficient for conveying how much we loved you when you were with us and how much you will always mean to us as the years pass bye. We will never forget you and look forward to the day when we will be together again and be able to share more wonderful and loving times together! Just be sure to meet me at the gate and show me the way to your
new home. Hopefully we will once again be able to have a cool drink some great barbeque  and share some more wonderful stories and jokes! I truly miss those times with you!

Love Always

I love you & miss you everyday!  / Maria Foley (Sister)  Read >>
I love you & miss you everyday!  / Maria Foley (Sister)

It's been five years & I still can't believe you are not here with us. You were & still are the bright star in our family. Your smile heart and infections laugh always brought us together. It didn't matter that was going on with each and every one of us you always brought us closer. You were and are my emotional cheerleader. Your positive energy and love for me always pushed me to my limits. You unconditional love always calmed me in the most craziest of times in my life. Your overwhelming clarity and firm vision of the true meaning of life is one of the best life lessons you have taught me. It definitely has become a struggle over the years to keep this perspective but I thank you everyday for teaching me that in the end all we have is our loved ones and the ability to make those around us feel special when in their presence. I love you I miss you and I will never forget you. Till we see each other again.

Your sister with love Maria.

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